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Greetings Adventurers,

Today we've finally released the last major content update and we could not be happier! This means the end of our beta phase. We've been waiting for this for so long! Our beta has unfortunately been extended a few times due to some incidents along the way, yet we could not be any more thankful for the amazing community and supporters we got; we honestly would not have been able to make it this far without you, so this is a huge THANK YOU to all the people who stuck with us, supported us and helped us! All we want for Project: Zero is to have a fun experience and a nice community - we already achieved this with the beta and with the official launch we can't wait to welcome even more people into our family! :)

Launch date and launch events

On the 31st of July 22:00 (10PM) server time (UTC+0) we will have our final beta maintenance. This will involve a lot of hardware and software changes, therefore we will keep it offline until launch. The projected launch date is the 1st of August 16:00 (4PM) server time (UTC+0).

For launch events we will be doing only a few light events to celebrate the newcomers and people who waited until our official launch to join:

  • All rankers will decay by 50% - this will preserve your current spots while giving a chance to newcomers to compete.
  • A buff NPC will be available in all major cities to buff up all players under base level 50 to help you get to second job, this will be available for 2 weeks from launch.

During launch maintenance we will also release more fixes and minor content updates.


It's been requested for a while and rest assured our wiki will be live on the server launch date. It has taken us too long but we wanted to make sure our wiki would actually be helpful to both newcomers to RO and current RO players, while having all the relevant information specific to Zero and our server. Our volunteers have done an amazing job preparing the wiki; if you would like to help out in the future, please talk to the staff!

Cash shop

This has been a frequently asked question; we had a very vague explanation of what to expect in our cash shop in the initial announcement, however we think now is the appropriate time to give a deeper look into what to expect to be sold in our cash shop:

At first I can't emphasize enough that Project Zero won't be a Pay 2 Win server but a Play 2 Win server. Our cash shop will consist of Gelstars and Costumes, cash shop costumes being the only exclusive content as a way to say thank you to our donors. Costumes don't have any stats and are just a visual effect. Gelstars will be usable with NPCs that provide various services and exchanges and will be a replacement for zeny. This means that any Gelstar service will be available to players for zeny as well!

In the far future if we ever release any new cash shop items there will always be in-game alternatives to create those items to make sure there's no true advantage for donors over non-donors.

One important thing to note is: WE WILL NEVER SELL Equipment, Refine Ores and similar items in our cash shop. All of those will have to be created through in-game content and systems.

Future plans

We recently released a roadmap of the updates coming to our server. While we have not published dates yet, we assure you we're working hard to deliver updates as fast as possible without affecting quality and hurting our goal of being a progression server.

You can check our roadmap in our latest dev note Entry #4 The road so far.

Final words

We can't tell you how excited we are to finally release our service and end the beta phase. We have stuck to our promise that no wipe would happen and that we would mitigate any exploits or abuse. So far, thanks to our dedication and taking our time designing and planning our code, we only had to face this issue twice and were able to fully mitigate it both times. We pride ourselves on the quality of content we provide and aim to always provide this same level of quality and improve upon it where possible.

If you're new to our server and/or were waiting for our release here are a few important links to announcements of content and systems that might catch your interest

Master account system


We hope to see you in Ragnarok: Project Zero and we hope you will enjoy your stay!

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