Ragnarok: Project Zero

Explore the authentic Ragnarok Online world with a modern twist

Disclaimer During beta period some specific systems might be not working as intended, not working at all or abusable, for any abusable bugs found we will ensure all of it effect is reverted back and if necessary rollback characters.

The time has come this is officially the last major content maintenance for the beta we will in about a week have a second maintenance to fix any bugs discovered and do any further adjustments required later in the day today the 24th of July we will announce the launch date and launch events! :)

We're truly thankful for everyone whom joined our journey through the beta and helped us discovering bugs and tune the server to be as close as possible to zero and while we're not yet close to perfect replica of Zero mechanics we're still working constantly to polish and update our mechanics and content.


Memorial Association

Memorial Association offers a greater challenge of dungeons those dungeons introduced new mechanics and challenges for players of level 70 and above it also opens the doors to Grade I gears which is the highest memorial dungeon equipment.

The memorial association member can be found at /navi prt_fild06 37/195

Ant hell 1st Floor

For level 70+

A gas leak was detected in another dimension of Ant hell help fixing this gas leak defeat Cannibal Maya the mother of ants for rewards and be careful as it AoE can be really harmful for tanks.

Izlude waterway

For level 80+

A murder scene was discovered in the what known to us as bayalan dungeon collect the clues to figure out what happened in there and defeat the Deepsea Creature to get your rewards, this boss has a lot of mechanics and this dungeons is truly a matter of positioning and strategy, don't try to force your way in as it will only fire back.

The sunken ship

For level 99

You're on your way to rescue the crew of a sunken ship but unfortunately your efforts were a bit too late the crew has already turned undead and now its a race for your own life. patients and right thinking is the key to finish this dungeon and get rid of Drake also a hidden challenge lays inside the dungeon for extra rewards.


  • Improved Kafra Location in central prontera and added Eden representative
  • Implemented Ranking decay every month all players’ points will decay by 3%
  • Added the rest of gear tiers creation and enchanting in the memorial workshop
  • Added Novice gear exchanger to all first job change locations you can now exchange your novice gears for useful items
  • Added Jello Stone Transmuter you can now convert your jello stones into other jello stones for a zeny fee or gelstars
  • Adjusted Poring Village and Morocc fever field monsters further to match kRO damage


  • Fixed character storage not allowing character bound items to be stored
  • Fixed character motion delay on Fury and Call Spirit skill
  • Fixed Poring Village Carrot and Leek overwriting the wrong status change
  • Fixed a problem caused newly auto-trade merchants to be removed from the website market view (you will need to relog your auto trader)
  • Fixed an incorrect check caused monsters in renewal builds not getting their base attack calculated you will notice a slight increase in all monsters melee attacks

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