Ragnarok: Project Zero

Explore the authentic Ragnarok Online world with a modern twist

Disclaimer During beta period some specific systems might be not working as intended, not working at all or abusable, for any abusable bugs found we will ensure all of it effect is reverted back and if necessary rollback characters.

This update was focused on bringing new content and fixes of various other issues.


Memorial Dungeon rewards

We have implemented a few changes that will make running the Memorial Dungeons more rewarding. Some of these changes are official behavior, while others are custom.

  • Easy Mode rewards have been adjusted as follows:
    • In a party of 1~6 players, you have a chance to receive 0~2 of each gear drop (current behavior)
    • With a party of 7+ players, you can receive 1~3 of each gear drop
  • Hard Mode rewards now scale up smoothly with the size of your party
    • Starting with the third players, every additional party member adds a 10% increase to the rewards at the end
    • That means that a party of two will receive the exact same rewards as before
    • A full party of twelve will receive twice as many item drops at the end (200%)

Other changes

  • Regular monsters on Fever Fields now have a chance to drop Mithril Ore
  • Fever Field MVPs have a high chance of droppping up to 2 Mithril Ore


Crafting Memorial Gear

A mysterious craftsman has been spotted in the Memorial Crafting Workshop (near the Prontera west Kafra). You might want to talk to him about crafting Hard Mode Accessories. It is rumoured that these special accessories can even be refined. He can craft the following accessories:

  • Cursed Emerald Earrings (15 Cursed Emerald, 10 Mithril)
  • Glittering Opal Earrings (15 Shiny Opal, 10 Mithril)
  • Blue Oath Ring (15 Sea Sapphire, 10 Mithril)
  • Red Union Ring (15 Bloody Ruby, 10 Mithril)

The required gemstones are rewards from the Hard Mode instances of Memorial Dungeons like Orc's Memory. But keep in mind that at this point in time, you can only obtain Cursed Emeralds.

Enchanting Memorial Gear

The Memorial Crafting Workshop is now also home to various people from Midgard's Enchanter Association, who can help you enchant your Memorial Dungeon gear. Enchanting a "clean" item costs 100,000 Zeny and has a 100% success chance. Level of refinement and existing cards will be maintained. If you would like to get a different enchantment, you will need to reset the existing one first. This costs 200,000 Zeny and is also 100% safe.

The Grade of the gear will affect how many enchantments it can receive. Grade IV (Subjugation) and Grade III (Expedition) get 1 enchantment, Grade II (Guardian) gets 2 enchantments, and Grade I (Conqueror) gets 3 enchantments.

Possible enchantments include +1~+2 on basic stats, DEF, MDEF, CRI, FLEE and MaxHP.

When enchanting an armor that is refined to +9 or higher, you have a chance to receive a special enchantment called Job Essence. There are various Job Essences for all First and Second Jobs, and they contain very special bonuses that you don't want to miss out on!

When you are enchanting an armor that is eligible for receiving a Job Essence enchantment, it makes sense to talk to a particular Enchant Staff NPC. One of them is specifically trained to apply First Job Essences (Mage, Thief, ...), while another one focuses on Second Job Essences (Knight, Priest, ...).

We are working hard on getting a Wiki up and running so we can document all these mechanics for you in much greater detail. Stay tuned for updates!

Blacksmith Forging

Blacksmiths are now able to forge new Zero-exclusive weapons! Each weapon type now also includes a new forgeable weapon for y'all to try out. The materials for each of these are 15 Steel, 16~22 Oridecon, 2 Mithril Ore, and Zero-specific stone catalyst like a Jello Stone or a Hard Mode gemstone.

The nine new weapons are:

  • Shining Sword
  • Exquisite Dagger
  • Indigo Sword
  • Sunset Buster
  • Emerald Axe
  • Sapphire Scepter
  • Bloody Knuckle
  • Twilight Spear
  • Chaos Lance


  • Nightmare now correctly drops Damascus with random options
  • Fixed Poring Village Carrot and Poring Village Leek interfering with Concentration Potion
  • Lower grade Memorial Dungeon accessories can no longer be refined
  • Fixed Sage Free Cast skill bonus now it will give 100% movement speed and ASPD at level 10
  • Fixed Galim and Otine from prontera regional quests they should now delete requested items as expected
  • Fixed Cart Revolution not ignoring targets flee

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