Ragnarok: Project Zero

Explore the authentic Ragnarok Online world with a modern twist

Disclaimer During beta period some specific systems might be not working as intended, not working at all or abusable, for any abusable bugs found we will ensure all of it effect is reverted back and if necessary rollback characters.

This update was focused on bringing new content to our beta testers


  • Fixed ASPD bonus from potions being lower than usual
  • Fixed various NPC location issues in the Blacksmith NPC and it also should no longer have brain stroke when talking
  • Fixed prontera map dead cells, players should be able to move freely now


  • We've implemented the zero spawn table, to sum it up it mainly reduces field spawns while buffing dungeon spawns, you can know where a specific monster is spawned using @whereis or using the navigation window
  • Eden quests from levels 85 ~ 95 has been revised items changed and experience values adjusted
  • Prontera Regional quests you can check the NPCs at the following locations
    • Saraka at prt_fild00,251,238
    • Ethyl at prt_fild01,357,310
    • Eardis at prt_fild02,123,306
    • Harcy at prt_fild03,336,62
    • Mel at prt_fild05,352,218
    • Paul at prt_fild05,353,221
    • Islane at prt_fild06,29,199
    • Galim at prt_fild07,147,320
    • Otina at prt_fild08,154,377
    • Jardis at prt_fild10,250,272
  • Payon Regional quests you can check the NPCs at the following locations
    • Senna at pay_fild07,291,349
  • Mjolnir Regional quests you can check the NPCs at the following locations
    • Claire at mjolnir_01,209,144
    • Veteran at mjolnir_02,234,170
    • Olem at mjolnir_03,229,236
    • Galette at mjolnir_06,162,254
    • Herbalist at mjolnir_08,169,250
    • Hilde at mjolnir_10,321,57
  • Champion monsters now spawns in-game killing 30 of the following monsters would spawn it champion version
    • Champion monsters drops Armor, Garment and Shoes with options
Map Monster Champion
alde_dun01 Arclouze Arclouze Ringleader
alde_dun02 High Orc Solid High Orc
alde_dun03 Penomena Furious Penomena
alde_dun04 Bathory Furious Bathory
anthell01 Deniro Elusive Deniro
anthell02 Andre Solid Andre
beach_dun Medusa Swift Medusa
beach_dun2 Stalactic Golem Furious Stalactic Golem
beach_dun3 Thara Frog Elusive Thara Frog
c_tower1 Rideword Solid Rideword
c_tower2 Clock Furious Clock
c_tower3 Alarm Elusive Alarm
c_tower4 Clock Clock Ringleader
cmd_fild01 Grove Elusive Grove
cmd_fild02 Seal Swift Seal
cmd_fild03 Alligator Solid Alligator
cmd_fild04 Sea Otter Sea Otter Ringleader
cmd_fild06 Furious Golem Golem
cmd_fild07 Raggler Elusive Raggler
cmd_fild08 Deniro Elusive Deniro
cmd_fild09 Metaller Swift Metaller
gef_fild00 Chonchon Elusive Chonchon
gef_fild01 Roda Frog Furious Roda Frog
gef_fild03 Orc Lady Solid Orc Lady
gef_fild04 Mandragora Solid Mandragora
gef_fild05 Creamy Swift Creamy
gef_fild06 Petite Solid Petite
gef_fild07 Poring Swift Poring
gef_fild08 Petite Swift Petite
gef_fild09 Coco Solid Coco
gef_fild10 Orc Warrior Furious Orc Warrior
gef_fild11 Goblin Swift Goblin
gl_cas01 Carat Elusive Carat
gl_cas02 Wanderer Furious Wanderer
gl_church Evil Druid Elusive Evil Druid
gl_chyard Dark Priest Furious Dark Priest
gl_dun01 Arclouze Solid Arclouze
gl_dun02 Majoruros Furious Majoruros
gl_in01 Marionette Marionette Ringleader
gl_prison Zombie Prisoner Solid Zombie Prisoner
gl_sew01 Whisper Solid Whisper
gl_sew02 Gargoyle Furious Gargoyle
gl_sew03 Sting Elusive Sting
gl_sew04 Anolian Furious Anolian
in_sphinx1 Drainliar Elusive Drainliar
in_sphinx2 Requiem Solid Requiem
in_sphinx3 Marduk Elusive Marduk
in_sphinx4 Minorous Swift Minorous
in_sphinx5 Pasana Swift Pasana
iz_dun00 Plankton Furious Plankton
iz_dun01 Vadon Solid Vadon
iz_dun02 Cornutus Solid Cornutus
iz_dun03 Phen Elusive Phen
iz_dun04 Merman Furious Merman
mjo_dun01 Tarou Tarou Ringleader
mjo_dun02 Martin Solid Martin
mjo_dun03 Skeleton Worker Elusive Skeleton Worker
mjolnir_01 Caramel Swift Caramel
mjolnir_02 Elder Willow Solid Elder Willow
mjolnir_03 Side Winder Side Winder Ringleader
mjolnir_04 Driller Furious Driller
mjolnir_05 Argiope Swift Argiope
mjolnir_06 Poison Spore Solid Poison Spore
mjolnir_07 Savage Savage Ringleader
mjolnir_08 Beetle King Furious Beetle King
mjolnir_09 Swift Savage Babe Swift Savage Babe
mjolnir_10 Argos Furious Argos
mjolnir_11 Argiope Elusive Argiope
mjolnir_12 Dustiness Furious Dustiness
moc_fild01 Muka Muka Ringleader
moc_fild02 Peco Peco Elusive Peco Peco
moc_fild03 Wolf Swift Wolf
moc_fild07 Drops Drops Ringleader
moc_fild11 Baby Desert Wolf Furious Baby Desert Wol
moc_fild12 Picky Furious Picky
moc_fild13 Steel Chonchon Solid Steel Chonchon
moc_fild16 Sandman Furious Sandman
moc_fild18 Scorpion Elusive Scorpion
moc_pryd01 Familiar Elusive Familiar
moc_pryd02 Mummy Solid Mummy
moc_pryd03 Mummy Swift Mummy
moc_pryd04 Isis Solid Isis
moc_pryd05 Minorous Elusive Minorous
moc_pryd06 Mimic Elusive Mimic
nif_fild01 Disguise Elusive Disguise
nif_fild02 Loli Ruri Swift Loli Ruri
niflheim Lude Furious Lude
orcsdun01 Orc Zombie Elusive Orc Zombie
orcsdun02 Orc Skeleton Swift Orc Skeleton
pay_dun00 Zombie Furious Zombie
pay_dun01 Soldier Skeleton Furious Soldier Skeleto
pay_dun02 Soldier Skeleton Soldier Skeleton Ringle
pay_dun03 Sohee Swift Sohee
pay_dun04 Dokebi Furious Dokebi
pay_fild01 Willow Willow Ringleader
pay_fild02 Boa Boa Ringleader
pay_fild03 Fabre Fabre Ringleader
pay_fild04 Elusive Poporing Elusive Poporing
pay_fild07 Bigfoot Bigfoot Ringleader
pay_fild08 Spore Swift Spore
pay_fild09 Horn Solid Horn
pay_fild10 Greatest General Swift Greatest General
prt_fild00 Roda Frog Roda Frog Ringleader
prt_fild01 Lunatic Lunatic Ringleader
prt_fild02 Elusive Stainer Elusive Stainer
prt_fild03 Yoyo Swift Yoyo
prt_fild04 Ambernite Elusive Ambernite
prt_fild05 Hornet Elusive Hornet
prt_fild06 Fabre Solid Fabre
prt_fild07 Rocker Elusive Rocker
prt_fild08 Poring Swift Poring
prt_fild08 Lunatic Solid Lunatic
prt_fild08 Fabre Poring Ringleader
prt_fild08 Pupa Furious Poring
prt_fild08 Baby Poring Elusive Poring
prt_fild09 Magnolia Elusive Magnolia
prt_fild10 Elder Willow Swift Elder Willow
prt_fild11 Goblin Elusive Goblin
prt_sewb1 Familiar Elusive Familiar
prt_sewb2 Thief Bug Furious Thief Bug
prt_sewb4 Thief Bug Solid Thief Bug
treasure02 SAILOR_SKELETON Swift Sailor Skeleton
tur_dun01 Dragon Tail Swift Dragon Tail
tur_dun02 Solider Solid Solider
tur_dun03 Freezer Freezer Ringleader
tur_dun04 Assaulter Assaulter Ringleader
um_fild01 Dryad Swift Dryad
um_fild02 Wootan Fighter Furious Wootan Fighter
um_fild03 Parasite Solid Parasite
um_fild04 Wild Rose Furious Wild Rose
xmas_dun01 Cookie Cookie Ringleader
xmas_dun02 Myst Case Furious Myst Case
xmas_fild01 Marin Furious Marin

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