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We did it!

We finally moved away from beta phase to official launch! It took us longer than anticipated but we did it. We would like to once again thank all of beta testers for bearing with us for this long and testing everything! :)

Read the changelogs of the launch maintenance:

Launch events

In prepration to launch we have done the following changes and events.

  • All rankers have their fame points reduced by 50% to give new players a chance to compete. Decay system is also set in place: points decay will happen once every month.
  • Emily will be available in each town to buff players under base level 50, she will be available until 14th of August 2020.


Our amazing volunteers have worked hard in the last month to get the wiki done! While there's still a lot to work on, you can find a lot of information about Project Zero's content in our wiki at https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com

Beta testers costumes

Beta testers who had a level 50 or more character in their master account received a Beta Testers Costume Ticket! You can find it in your master storage. The ticket can be exchanged to 3 out of the 9 available costumes:

Kingdom guild quests

The Kingdom Guild is a set of low-to-mid level content that includes turn-in quests, and special Kingdom equipment that is meant to give you a head start in your Midgard journey. After you change to your first job, you will receive a quest that will lead you to your guild's Coin Commissioner. Talk to them to get your first two Kingdom Guild Coins.

Learn more on the kingdom guild quests on https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Kingdom_Guild


  • Same-sex marriage has now been implemented
  • The 90 days cooldown on skill/stat resetter has been restored
  • Greater Minerals option in Thor's Flame has been enabled
  • Added @showexp, @request, @memo to players' commands


  • Fixed Yoyo Tails regional quest check that caused the said quest to be repeatable
  • The following optioned armors had their options removed from current players and drop rates corrected. It has been proven that in kRO:Zero not all optioned gears/weapons drop at high rate.
    • Prison_Uniform
    • Puente_Robe
    • Wedding_Dress
    • Ragamuffin_Cape
    • Undershirt
    • Cuffs
    • Spiky_Heel
  • Fixed an issue in Ant Hell and Izlude Waterway dungeons that caused parties playing at the same time to interfer with each other's progress
  • Fixed combo Asura Strike showing the skill cursor during combo casting: now it will correctly hit the selected target like the rest of the combo skills
  • Improved Brandish Spear AoE layout: it should now give a more realistic hit area when characters are looking North/South-east and -west.
  • Fixed Fever Field armor elemental resistance to correctly resist monster element instead of attack element
  • Removed Smasher from Earth Petite and moved it to Sky Petite instead, also changed its option group to magic
  • Dead Branch has returned and it shall not spawn monsters which aren't released yet
  • Fixed Morocc Inn NPCs: they're waiting to serve you now!
  • Fixed Acid Terror not carrying weapon element and enabled accuracy checks
  • HD Ores now have the same chance as normal ores. It wasn't otherwise intended and it caused HD Bradium and Cranium to have 0% chance above +10
    • Important note: During the server time there has been a total of 90 HD Elunium and 45 HD Oridecon more or less. Getting a +10 equipment on normal chances takes around 100 ores (assuming breaking doesn't reduce level or break equipment), therefore even with the double rate of HD ores there cannot be any true impact with this much of HD ores used.

What's coming next

The smell of undead fever field is raising...

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