Ragnarok: Project Zero

Explore the authentic Ragnarok Online world with a modern twist

Disclaimer During beta period some specific systems might be not working as intended, not working at all or abusable, for any abusable bugs found we will ensure all of it effect is reverted back and if necessary rollback characters.

This maintenance focused on bringing new content and finish off the job balances.

Bard and Dancer skill rebalance

The performer classes have received a significant revamp of all songs and dances. Songs and dances are now party-wide buffs that are generally applied in a 31x31 range around the performer and last for 60 seconds. The effects of performance skills are no longer depending on the stats of the performer and now also affect the performing player.

Ensemble skills need the two performers to be within 9x9 range of each other. After casting an ensemble skills, both performers suffer from Ensemble Fatigue for 30 seconds, slowing down their movement speed and attack speed, as well as blocking them from using other skills. Lastly, a player can have up to one song, one dance, and one ensemble buff active at the same time.

Other skill changes

  • Adaptation to Circumstances:
    • Buff that reduces SP cost of performance skills by 20%
  • Music Lessons:
    • Increases MaxSP by 1% per level
    • Increases ASPD by 1% per level
  • Dance Lessons:
    • Increases CRI by 1 per level
    • Increases ASPD by 1% per level

Memorial Dungeons

With this patch we are adding our first proper Memorial Dungeon: Orc's Memory. This is a Level 60+ instance that you can attempt daily. Alongside this new instance we are also introducing a first set of Memorial Dungeon gear, sometimes referred to as Expedition Gear.

Orc's Memory

If you are ready to face the Fake Orc Hero in this new instance, speak to the Mad Scientist at gef_fild10 (238,202). Bringing a party of Level 60+ players is advised!

The instance can be attempted in two modes: Easy Mode and Hard Mode. Easy Mode is your best choice to get a feeling for the instance, but also yields more Subjugation gear, the first tier of Memorial Dungeon gear. Hard Mode offers a variety of loot, including materials to upgrade your MD gear to the next tier. But be warned, Hard Mode should not be taken lightly!

Note: The number of players in the party does not have any effect on the rewards at the end.

Upgrading Memorial Dungeon Gear

The Adventurer's Guild has setup a new Memorial Dungeon workshop to help process all these new materials and gear that you can find. You can access the workshop through a new portal near the East Prontera Kafra.

Stone Refiner

The Stone Refiner is specialized in the Jello Shards that you can find in the Poring Village instance. If you bring 5 Jello Shards of the same kind to the Stone Refiner, he can condense them into a Jello Stone. This process takes 24h, but you can speed up the process by paying 250,000z to get it immediately.

Gear Enhancer

The Gear Enhancer can take Memorial Dungeon gear and upgrade it to the next tier. For example, you can bring him the Subjugation gear from Orc's Memory, which is Grade IV, and upgrade it to Grade III gear. This will also require certain number of Shimmering Crystals, which drop in Memorial Dungeons, and Jello Stones.

Other changes and fixes

  • Added the missing Great Nature to the Thor's Flame list of Greater Mineral combinations
  • Removed the animation delay from the Assassin's Sonic Blow skill as intended
  • Fixed Sage's Autospell list to show all 9 available skills

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