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Greetings Adventurers,

As many of you may know, RO is notorious for multi-clienting: most, if not everyone, have at least two or three alts for forgers, support characters or our second hand farmer. This raises a new and critical issue, it's a pain to keep track of all accounts usernames and passwords, and to keep creating new ones is always a hassle and a painful experience. Sharing accounts with others is another huge issue: not only people could steal your account or items, it would also void your in-game support for such cases. But all of these issues are from the past in Ragnarok: Project Zero! We have a whole set of new systems built upon improving the quality of life for our players and ease of mind to solve this issues: our Custom Game Launcher, Master Account and Guest Accounts system!

Master accounts

A Master Account consists of a single unified account which holds your game, forum, wiki accounts and any future platforms added to our community under just one set of credentials. Every user is allowed to hold ONE single master account for all of their accounts, in-which they can create an unlimited amount of game accounts, which won't have a password of their own. Instead, players will login in through our launcher using their Master Account, select any of their characters or game accounts and then they will be logged in automatically in-game!

To make your life even easier, our launcher has a "Remember me" option which keeps you logged in for a 30 days period before needing to login again through the launcher. Here's a demonstration to show how the launcher and login process works.

1- Player opens our launcher to login

The launcher would show you the current game server status, current game update status and prompt you to update if necessary.

Login window as shown in the launcher

2- After a successful login, you will be shown your current Character list and Accounts list, if you don't have any you will be asked to create one through our Control Panel.

After logging in, simply click the "Play" button next to any account or character to open up our game client and auto-login.

Character list as shown in launcher

Account list as shown in launcher

3- If you're newly registered, you will be seeing this in account list and you will be asked to create a new game account using our Control Panel. You can simply click "Create new game account" which will redirect you to the appropriate page.

Account list as shown in the launcher when no accounts exists yet

Guest Accounts

Sometimes we want to share some game accounts with our friends, guild mates or hold shared accounts for guild services. Sharing our accounts comes at great risk however: your account and items can be stolen, your characters deleted, etc. It also voids your game support, which means we would not be able to help you restore any of those or revert any actions done on these accounts. For this we introduce the Guest Account system: it allows you to share specific game accounts for a period of time with specific permissions and restrictions.

To create a new Guest Account you need to login to our control panel, go to your game account page, select an account, enable a Guest access to it and then choose your restrictions, time limit and password for this game account. Your friends will be able to access this game account through the Guest login tab in our launcher.

Guest login creation on our Control Panel

Guest login on our launcher

And this is how our Master account, Guest Accounts and Launcher work! We hope these features will be of interest and ease of mind for our players, we're looking forward for our first beta in late March and we thank you for taking interest in our project!

Good luck and have fun everyone,

Ragnarok Project: Zero Management

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