Ragnarok: Project Zero

Explore the authentic Ragnarok Online world with a modern twist

Welcome to Ragnarok: Project Zero!

Ragnarok Project: Zero is a low rate (5x/5x/5x) Ragnarok online server, based on the Ragnarok Zero mechanics which originate from the official Korean kRO Zero server. Zero is based on Renewal but with core game mechanics re-balanced and improved. You can learn more about Zero on our dedicated Zero mechanics page.

Because Zero is rethinking Ragnarok from the ground up, new content is released progressively in episodes. And this server is following that same process. If you are looking for the most authentic Zero experience with custom mechanics reduced to a minimum, this server is for you. So join this server and experience the journey of Zero together with us!

We're also aiming to provide a true MMORPG experience for both casual players and most competitive players, to build a healthy community and a chill atmosphere, to provide an environment where casual and RP players can enjoy their activities and competitive players can enjoy hard days of grinding and thrilling guild clashes.

Project: Zero aims at improving user experience to the fullest; it will include both in-game changes, website and tools. We have a Master Account system which removes the burden of remembering tens of account information, as well as a fully featured control panel which also includes Item, Monster and Map databases.

Greetings Adventurers,

As many of you may know, RO is notorious for multi-clienting: most, if not everyone, have at least two or three alts for forgers, support characters or our second hand farmer. This raises a new and critical issue, it's a pain to keep track of all accounts usernames and passw...

Greetings Adventurers,

Today we would love to announce a new world and a new adventure of Ragnarok and we're inviting you to join us!

Ragnarok: Project Zero is a Ragnarok server based on the Korean version of the game "Ragnarok: Zero", in its core Zero version aims to mix the authentic experienc...