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Greetings Adventurers,

We're approaching the end of March and, as we promised, Ragnarok Project: Zero is going to open for beta testing. In this announcement we're going to discuss the plans for the beta and how you can join it.

Ragnarok Project: Zero's beta is planned to be a set of gradual releases: this means that we will be hold frequent maintenances, releasing new content as players progress through the beta, allowing us to thoroughly test each part of the game. There will not be any wipes during the beta, this means any progress will be carried out to the grand opening later in April.

How to join

To join the beta you will need to create a master account and download our game client. Please remember that every person is only allowed a SINGLE master account, which can hold unlimited game accounts! To register a master account click here and to download the game click here.

How will the beta work?

The beta will start on the 31st of March around 21:00 (9 PM) server time (UTC). During the beta phase we will be doing frequent maintenances, where we will gradually release some of the planned content for the grand opening. This will allow us to thoroughly test each bit of content while our players are progressing through the beta.

The beta is expected to last between 2 to 4 weeks as we see fit, to ensure our grand opening is as bug and issue free as possible. Any progress done during the beta will be carried on in the grand opening.

Beta Prizes

All of the beta testers will receive a nice handy box containing a set of items that will give them a kick start on the grand opening, as a thank for your hard work and collaboration with us during the beta testing. We will be sending those boxes to anyone who joined the beta and has created at least a single 2nd job character.

We did not forget about people who like costumes! I mean... Who doesn't anyway?! Especially for you, we opened a forum topic where you can suggest three costumes you wish to see in game, from any official server, kRO, jRO etc. All beta testers will be able to choose one costume from a set of 3 costumes on the grand opening.

If you would like to suggest some costumes, please click here to reach our forum topic for suggestions.

Remember this is a beta and development phase

We would like to remind you that this is a beta and development phase, which means many aspects of the game might not be as polished, bugs and issues will exist and things might not be as fast. This phase is only there so we can polish the ends and clean out as much bugs as possible.

Additionally, during beta we will still run on development servers that might not give as great as a performance as you may expect. We will be moving servers to production servers right before grand opening, so any slowness experienced will be resolved for the grand opening.

Good luck and have fun everyone,

Ragnarok Project: Zero Management

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