Ragnarok: Project Zero

Explore the authentic Ragnarok Online world with a modern twist

Greetings Adventurers,

Today we would love to announce a new world and a new adventure of Ragnarok and we're inviting you to join us!

Ragnarok: Project Zero is a Ragnarok server based on the Korean version of the game "Ragnarok: Zero", in its core Zero version aims to mix the authentic experience of Ragnarok Online with some elements of the modern MMORPGs.

The server is planned to have a public beta release on late March 2020, while the grand opening is planned for April 2020. Keep reading this announcement to know more about our vision, ideology, server features and much more!

Ragnarok Zero is fundamentally a Renewal server without 3rd Jobs, and the skills of the 1st, 2nd and Transcendent Jobs are reworked to fit in the Renewal environment.

Beside original content, Zero also re-introduces new content and systems in an episodical manner, keeping Ragnarok fresh and interesting while preserving its authenticity.

That said, we would like to note that Zero is not RE:Start. While RE:Start is a more of a cheap Renewal server with 3rd jobs disabled, Zero's aim is to reintroduce all of Ragnarok's content with a fresh feeling and a clear rebalance as timeline progresses.

Project Zero is a Ragnarok server aiming to provide a true MMORPG experience for both casual players and most competitive players, to build a healthy community and a chill atmosphere, to provide an environment where casual and RP players can enjoy their activities and competitive players can enjoy hard days of grinding and thrilling guild clashes.

Project Zero is going to be a low rate server with projected rates (x5/x5/x5)* with periodical episodes updates which are planned to be 2 to 3 months period for major updates, and roughly 1 month for each minor update.

  • More detailed information on rates is to be announced later.

The server aims to give the most authentic experience with a mild customizations which purely aims at improve players experience instead of custom for sake of custom, for example we will be enabling serval at-commands, global channels (as in #main, #trade etc.), handpicked player palettes, hair styles and hair colors.

To ensure an equal environment for both competitive and casual players all of PvP content (for example God likes) would be only usable in WoE/BG and PvP areas.

Project: Zero aims on improving user experience to the fullest; it will include both in-game changes, website and tools.

We're introducing the Master Account system and Game Launcher: you will no longer need to handle tons of game accounts, because you can keep them all under one set of credentials! You will be able to simply login with your Master account through the Game Launcher and choose any of your game accounts and you will be automatically logged in!

With master account we will also introduce Guest account system where users will be able to share one or some of their game accounts with time limits and account restrictions like access to storage, move of item etc.

The Control Panel will offer many options to easily manage and use your accounts, and also discover game content. You will be able to control your account: managing preferences, chat settings and having a full overview of your account. Additionally, you will be able to search for items and characters inside your Master account and/or specific game accounts.

The Control Panel will also fully feature a map, item and monster database, and you will be able to search for vending or buying shops.

In the Cash Shop you will be able to buy costumes, consumables and refining ores. Paid refining ores will also be available to forge from non-paid content, so paying players will not have a serious advantage and it will be possible to play totally for free. In other words, the Cash Shop is non-profit: it's there for any player who wants to contribute to the game's development and help us hire people, pay for hardware and services and perhaps buy ourselves a cup of coffee as well.

We're planning to have our first public beta by late March 2020 and Grand opening somewhere in April 2020, our first release will include all base release content of Ragnarok Zero and first major release of Zero which was released on January 2018 in Korea in which it have the following content.

  • 1st & 2nd jobs with maximum base level 99 and job level 50
  • Items nerfing and buffing including the new MVP Card effects, the new refining bonus for armors and the new enchants system.
  • Content wise we will have a punch of regional quests, new novice ground, fever fields, poring village and the following original RO content
    • Cities: Prontera, Geffen, Payon, Morocc, Comodo, Aldebaran and Alberta cities, fields and dungeons.
    • Dungeons: Clock Tower, Turtle Island, Glast Heim
    • Instances: Prontera village, Orc memories, Prontera Underground way water, Ant hell Floor 1, Sunken ship

And this should be a simple overview of what we will have in the coming up days we will release more announcements with further information on Zero and Content we will also make sure to have a wiki containing all of those valuable information by the grand opening!

We would love to thank you for taking an interest in our project! :) we hope you decide becoming one of our family members and we're for sure looking forward for the great times we will have in Project Zero! ^^

Keep looking forward for new announcements and don't forget to register now, join our community and finally make sure to take part in our public chat platforms like discord!

Ragnarok: Project Zero Team,

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