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Changelogs for Patch 1.6.1

Hugel Phase 2

We hope that you're enjoying the new Hugel content that we released last maintenance. As promised, there is more content to Hugel that will be delivered later - and today is that day! With this patch we are releasing the second and last phase of the Hugel content update.

This patch includes the remaining content around Hugel:

  • Abyss Lake Dungeon, including a new fourth floor
  • New quests and items related to Abyss Lake
  • A new memorial dungeon: Odin Temple MD

You can find the latest information about this content on our Wiki: https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Hugel.


Two new quest chains related to Abyss Lake have been added to this patch.

To access the Abyss Lake dungeon, you first need to finish the entry quest (/navi hugel 126/70). Minimum level is Base Level 90. After finishing the main quest, you can access the Abyss Lake dungeon at any time. Additionally, Ambrose will offer a daily quest.

Another set of daily quests can be acquired from Nahadan (/navi hugel 69/121);


With access to Abyss Lake, you can now also craft the new Dragon Plate armor, which is available in six different variants. There are two ways to craft these, but both require loot that you can find from dragon monsters in Abyss Lake. Talk to Redhead in Hugel (/navi que_bingo 43/116) for more details.

And the best part is that you can add Random Options to these armors! Talk to Bluehead (/navi que_bingo 41/118) for more information.

And of course the monsters in Abyss Lake are dropping some new Zero-exclusive gear for you to farm and explore.

Other content updates

Change Cart 2 Quest

Merchants will be happy to hear that the Cart Decorator has arrived in Aldebaran (/navi aldebaran 72/240)! He is an absolute expert in the craft of cart decoration and can teach Merchants the Change Cart 2 skill, which unlocks three new sprites for your Pushcart.

New commands: @battlestats

We have heard your requests, and so we have added a new command @battlestats, which tells you various types of stats that would usually be invisible to you. For example, you can see your current Variable Cast Time reductions, Critical Damage modifier, Heal Power, and reductions based on Element/Race/Size.

We hope you find this useful. Please let us know if some important stats are missing.

Cash shop


Skill Fixes

  • You can now use the Cloaking skill after using Hiding
  • Raid can no longer hit unreachable targets (e.g. behind walls)

Other Fixes

  • The Inn in Malangdo now accepts Zeny instead of Malangdo Cans
  • Cloaked or hiding players can now use warp portals (but they will be automatically revealed)
  • Changed the icon for the Job Essence effects so that it doesn't overlap with other buffs
  • Updated the Monk Essence 2 enchantment to activate the autocast effect when using Call Spirit Spheres
  • Fixed items with SP gain on attack effects, e.g. Moonlight Dagger, to also gain SP when using magical attacks
  • Added a safety reminder to the NPCs crafting Memorial Armor (Thanks to Kyrie for the suggestions!)
  • Added various items that are now available ingame to Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box, and Old Card Album
  • Fixed some broken ingame navigation with the Hugel indoor map que_bingo

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