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Changelogs for Patch 1.6.0


Phased Release

We are excited to introduce the first part of the Hugel content release! There is a lot of new content to explore in this new region of Schwarzwald, so we decided to release it in phases. This first phase will include the city of Hugel, including its surrounding fields and the airship connection from Juno. You will also be able to explore the Odin Temple dungeon, including a new third level with new monsters.

The next phase will cover the remaining content for Hugel, which means the Abyss Lake dungeon and a new Odin Temple MD. Keep an eye out for any announcements in the future.


This Hugel patch introduces a few new quests, including many daily quests that reward Hugel Tokens.

Find out more about the quests on our wiki: Hugel Quests.


The Hugel Phase 1 patch brings a lot of new gear, with different types of acquisition.

You can use the Hugel Tokens from the daily quests to craft Hugel Souvenirs, which are new upgraded versions of existing popular headgears. These headgears can even be enchanted!

The Odin Temple gives access to a whole set of new equipment with the Soutane armors (one variant for each Stat) that can be combined with Clergy's Boots, Clergy's Manteau, and Clergy's Ring. You can get these items by opening Odin Reliquary boxes, which are dropped by various monsters in Odin Temple. The Soutane armors can even be enchanted by talking to Susan Grey (/navi que_bingo 46/80)!

Additionally, you can hunt the various monsters and bosses in Odin Temple for ingredients that allow you to create two other pieces of armor: Silver Valkyrie Armor and Gold Valkyrie Armor. While hunting the new valkyries Ingrid and Reginleif, you might even get lucky and get one of their new exclusive headgears: Ingrid's Wings and Reginleif's Wings.

And finally, the monsters around Hugel and Odin Temple will of course also drop new Zero-exclusive weapons with Fever Random Options.

Other content updates

Gym Pass

Our Traveling Weightlifter Steve is extending his training again. With this patch we are adding another tier of the Gym Pass quests in Louyang. Talk to Steve in Louyang to continue your training (/navi louyang 275/126).


We have been monitoring the Halloween World Boss and how it has been performing. And we realized that the balance of difficulty and reward wasn't quite right. So we are making some adjustments to make this challenge worth your while. Additionally, we will keep the Halloween event active for a little bit longer.

  • Reduced HP of all Halloween bosses
  • Decreased difficulty of the Halloween bosses
  • Added more visual telegraphs to one of the core boss mechanics
  • Added a drop of 1~3 Halloween Coins to the Halloween World Boss

We have also updated the Scatleton pet effect to increase healing effectiveness of Fresh Fish by 666% for the duration of the Halloween event. After the event, it will increase the healing effectiveness of Fresh Fish by 100%.

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