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Happy holidays everyone and Merry Christmas!

Once more we're very close to a new year, time does fly away fast. All I can remember is a year ago around the same time we had our first major release Louyang. Again this year during December we had another huge major release: Hugel. Which marks up the last update before the transcendent update, the most anticipated update yet!

We're looking forward to how this update would change the scene around in Project Zero and hopefully bring many players back. The game is a bit warmer with friends after all.

For this we're expecting few QoL changes before Rebirth hits the server, along side a booster event right before the update to give new players a chance to catch up with our current playerbase and hopefully returning one.

I could not be more excited about an update, and I hope you feel the same.



Main event

In this year's Christmas event visit the beautiful Russian city of Moscovia, get to know its people while doing some chores for them and sometimes even playing mini-games.

This event will introduce some nice Costumes! We will let you discover those, alongside a new headgear that will for sure warm you up through this cold weather. Rumor has it that there is also a wizard in Moscovia that specializes in Card magic...

To start, visit Vladimir in Alberta to get a ride to Moscovia /navi alberta 191/228. If you cannot see him, he's probably still on the ship and will return shortly.

  • Valdimir

The fields surrounding some major cities are also filled with Christmas monsters! Make sure to check them all for the loot required for the event and some exclusive Christmas loot.

Christmas Pet

You will have the unique opportunity to tame a new Christmas pet, the Christmas Lunatic! To obtain the taming item for this little fluff ball, find Yekaterina somewhere in Moscovia.

This little pet is not only adorable, but also has an extra special bonus that will be active during the Christmas event period.

Santa Claus

During the event period make sure to visit Santa Claus at his house in Lutie (/navi xmas_in 100/96). He will be exchanging materials from Christmas monsters for special Gift Boxes.

Christmas Gift

Starting on the 25th of December until 1st of January a little girl in Santa's house in Lutie will be there with a mini-quest. Gather stuff for her and have chance on getting some of very valuable gifts she will be offering to each player! We guarantee you it will be a lovely present! <3

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