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Changelog for Patch 1.9.3

Happy holidays everyone!

Thank you to everyone who's playing Project Zero. This project is very dear to our hearts, and we appreciate every single one of you.

Updates have been a little slow this year, but we've got big plans for the future! So stay put, enjoy the holidays, and we'll see you around :)


Christmas is back! We'll be bringing back the traditional Christmas 2021 event, but with slightly adjusted rewards.

Check out the Changelog from 2021 (https://gitlab.com/ragnarok-project-zero/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/blob/master/changelogs/2021-12-16.md) and the Wiki for more information: https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Christmas_Event_(2021).

Don't forget to get your exclusive once-per-MA Christmas presents between December 24 and 31 by visiting the Little Girl in Lutie (/navi xmas_in 103/96).

Additionally, a new event egg will be dropping from all monsters ingame. Here are the possible rewards. The costumes might look familiar for some of our veterans ;)

  • Common
    • 5x Strawberry
    • 5x Fresh Fish
    • 1x Awakening Potion
    • 1x Berserk Potion
  • Uncommon
    • 1x World Tour Ticket
    • 1x [Event] High Quality Meal
    • 1x [Event] Challenge Drink
    • 1x [Event] Unlimited Drink
    • 1x [Event] Power Drink
    • 1x [Event] Mimir Spring Water
    • 1x Costume: Rabbit Knit Hat
    • 1x Costume: Chilly Breath
    • 1x Costume: Louise Red Hat
  • Rare
    • 1x Costume: Cat Ears Cape
    • 1x Costume: Red Cat Ears Cape
  • Epic
    • 1x Costume: Floating Ice
    • 1x Costume: Fluffy Semi Long Silver Hair
    • 1x Enriched Elunium
    • 1x Enriched Oridecon
    • 1x Blacksmith's Blessing Shard
  • Heroic
    • 1x Costume: Santa Backpack
    • Blacksmith's Blessing

Content updates

New MVP CutePet

By popular demand, we have added a new MVP Pet to the list! If you have the right ingredients, you can now get yourself a Baphomet pet. Scary.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a few client crashes and errors when trading refined items

Quality of life

  • All Chevalier weapons can now be put in personal storage
  • The Jello Stone Refiner has optimized his process and can now convert Jello Shards instantly! (/navi prt_in 118/31)
  • A new "Item Unbinder" NPC is now available in Eden (/navi moc_para01 52/32). He can merge some of your duplicate Event consumables, such as [Event] High Quality Meal.

Other changes

  • We've added a small selling price to the "Research Folder" and "Purple Magic Crystal" drops from Biolabs. We'll be monitoring this to see if it needs further adjustment.

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