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Changelog for Patch 1.10.0

Content updates

Old Glastheim Memorial Dungeon

It's finally time for another Zero content update! This time we have a new Memorial Dungeon for you: Old Glastheim.

As per usual, this is content that might look familiar for some of you, but there are many Zero twists about this new Memorial Dungeon instance. Most importantly, it unlocks a crucial new line of gear that will make your characters stronger and more builds viable: Temporal Gear, and especially Temporal Boots, which come in different Stat varieties.

Our Wiki editors are working hard to update the OGH wiki page for you: https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Old_Glast_Heim. Watch that space for updates!

To get started with the instance, visit Hugin in Glastheim (/navi glast_01 204/273). Make sure to be at least Level 100. And it's highly recommended to bring a party.

Temporal Gear

By going through the OGH instance, you can obtain basic Temporal Gear: Temporal Armor and Temporal Boots. You can then exchange these basic items with some additional ingredients from the dungeon for improved versions.

Temporal Armor can turn into Temporal Plate, Temporal Lightmail, or Temporal Magic Robe.

Temporal Boots can turn into one of six stat-based versions:

But most importantly, this gear can be further improved through Enchanting. These items use a special new enchanting process that uses a dedicated Enchanting UI. Talk to Hugin's Magic Master (/navi glast_01 212/273) to try it out!

Bug fixes

  • Properly removed "Flag Graffiti" and "Cleaner" from the Rogue skill tree.
    • Changed the prequisite for "Graffiti" to "Gangster's Paradise" Level 1
  • Fixed total refine bonus of the Soutane sets not working correctly
  • Fixed a bug where an item would incorrectly display as Broken after enchanting or adding Random Options
  • Fixed "Acid Terror" and "Demonstration" damage calculcations to be closer to Zero behavior
    • Increase the influence of Learn Potion level on the damage
    • Skill damage is now affected by Cards and Random Options
  • Added missing Infinity Drink to the Christmas 2023 Event Egg

Other changes

  • Items received from Attendance are no longer account bound
  • The new Item Unbinder can now unbind more items from previous attendance rewards
    • White Potion Box
    • Life Insurance
    • Infinite Fly Wing Box
    • World Tour Ticket
    • Enriched Oridecon
    • Enriched Elunium

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