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Greetings adventurers!

Here at Ragnarok: Project Zero we would like to keep you more in the loop about what we are currently working on, and what you can expect from future updates.

We were really excited and happy about how our first blog entry was perceived. In case you missed it, you can find the latest entry as well as all the previous dev blog post at https://playragnarokzero.com/dev-blog.

Our last update was a big one: we introduced the first batch of Fever fields, including 3 new sets of equipment, even better option sets that go up to 4 different options per equipment piece. We've also introduced most of the 2nd job balance updates. We are really happy with how the update turned out and how it's improving gameplay for the affected classes. However, there is still some work to do. We are still actively working on fixing some bugs and finishing the missing skill updates.

Now, the next upcoming update is going to be another big one, so get out your reading glasses because it's going to be a long read!

Beta status

We previously announced that the beta was planned to be 3-4 weeks and so it was planned to end on the 28th of March the latest. However, some things didn't go as expected and we were unfortunately not able to deliver on this promise. This really is as frustrating for us as it is for you. We totally underestimated the time it would take research, build and test everything. Additionally, the current COVID pandemic has affected some members of our internal team significantly, which has prevented us from working on this project as much as we would have liked.

So in order to make the launch as smooth and exciting as we originally planned, we are extending the beta by another 3-4 weeks. Therefore the new launch date is set for June 1st.

We truly apologize for this change of plans and we hope for your understanding.

EXP table

As proven by the current situation, the 137 million EXP table initially used in Zero isn't very suitable for our higher rates. As a result, dedicated players can reach maximum level within a couple of days. The EXP curve for lower levels is also much higher than originally intended. To mitigate these issues, we will be releasing a new EXP table that will flatten the curve for lower levels and increase the difficulty for higher levels. The total amount of EXP required to reach level 99 will also be increased, based on the post-rebirth EXP table, which offers a much greater challenge in higher levels.

How we will release this table and if older characters will receive level adjustments is still yet TBD.

Fever Fields

In our last update we released the first 3 Fever fields: Morocc, Geffen and Payon. For this upcoming release we're planning to release the Fever fields in:

  • Glastheim
  • Aldebaran Dungeon

Of course these will be released with all of their new equipment and cards.

Dynamic Fields

Dynamic fields mainly focus on changing many natural boss spawns into triggers based on specific monster kills. It works similarly to how champions spawns at the moment.

For example in the Poring island map, the Deviling, Ghostring and Angeling spawn conditions will be changed to:

  • Mastering
    • 200 Poring kills
  • Angeling
    • 3 Mastering kills
  • Ghostring
    • 100 Poring kills
    • 100 Poporing kills
    • 100 Drops kills
  • Deviling
    • 3 Ghostring kills

Many fields got their mini boss spawns changed and some will receive a new mini boss spawn, including some bosses in dungeons.

Memorial Dungeons

Memorial dungeons are a core part of Zero. This update will contain new instances, exclusive equipment and enchants. These instances also drop materials like Mithril, which are crucial for gear progression in future Zero updates. Our next release is expected to have the addition of these 3 new memorial dungeons:

  • Poring Village
  • Orc's Memory
  • Prontera Culvert

Hopefully this sneak preview got you a little bit excited and we will try to get this new content to you as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

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