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Greetings adventurers!

Here at Ragnarok: Project Zero we would like to keep you more in the loop about what we are currently working on, and what you can expect from future updates.

Our last update was another big one mainly focused on introducing QoL updates. We introdouced Master Storage, vendor search and several other quality of life player commands and features. We've also introduced the first Zero instance, the Poring Village, but more is yet to come!

In this dev blog we will be discussing the future of the beta, roadmap, future updates and what we're working on right now.

Beta status

We've announced previously that the Beta was planned to end on the 1st of June 2020, however we could not meet this deadline for a number of reasons, most importantly our staff being increasingly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. But rest assured we're still working on the server as hard as we can, and we will do our best to release as many updates as possible and as fast as possible to get out of the Beta phase. That being said, we will not announce another Beta deadline date today. Instead, we are announcing the roadmap for this server which contains an overview of the next big updates. Once we have released all content in the "Beta" category, the server will be launched officially.

You can read our updated roadmap later in this blog entry.


We understand that many players are concered with the lack of communication and we completely understand. We're currently lacking the personnel for effectively leading this community, so we are now officially accepting applications for the role of Community Manager!

You can apply for this position by filling out the form in the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScJKXGiVbyGAOovUFYPqE-oZmqyKr_HNdI67hk-Ja6y1Imdlw/viewform

We appreciate everyone's help! :)


Its been requested a lot for us to release some roadmap to know the expected updates timeline. This timeline should give you an idea of what to expect next and in which order.

 ├─ Instances
 |   ├─ Poring Village
 |   ├─ Orc Memory
 |   ├─ Prontera Culvert Memorial Dungeon
 |   ├─ Ant Hell Floor 1
 |   └─ Sunken Ship Instance
 ├─ Fever Fields
 |   ├─ Payon
 |   ├─ Geffen
 |   └─ Morocc
 ├─ Skill Balances
 |   ├─ First & Second job skill balances up to pre-trans
 |   └─ Bard & Dancer songs changes
 └─ Dynamic Fields

 ├─ Glast Heim & Clock Tower Fever fields
 |   └─ QPet updates
 ├─ Louyang
 |   ├─ Louyang city and field
 |   ├─ Louyang dungeon
 |   └─ The first release of regional weapons
 ├─ WoE
 |  ├─ Guild Dungeons update
 |  └─ Seals quests and Godlike creation quest
 ├─ Amatsu
 |   ├─ Amatsu city and fields
 |   ├─ Amatsu dungeon
 |   ├─ Regional weapons
 |   └─ Ninja class and its related balance updates up to pre-trans
 ├─ Yuno
 |   ├─ City of Yuno and fields
 |   ├─ Magma Dungeon
 |   └─ Juperos Dungeon
 ├─ Malangado
 |   └─ Malangado city and dungeons
 └─ Hugel
     ├─ Hugel City and fields
     ├─ Odin Temple
     └─ Abyss Lake

Content currently in development

The following content is currently in development for our next release:

  • New client to both support Bard/Dancer new songs effects and fix current issues with Assassin and Sage
  • Orc's memory instance
  • Prontera Culver Memorial Dungeon
  • Bard and Dancer balance updates

We thank you for taking an interest in Ragnarok: Project Zero and we hope to see you in-game! :)

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