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Greetings adventurers!

Here at Ragnarok: Project Zero we would like to keep you more in the loop of what we are currently working on, and what you can expect from future updates. This is one of hopefully many dev blogs where we allow you to peek behind the curtains and see what we're developing at the moment. Now buckle up and get ready, because this first entry is a big one!

Those of you that are completely new to Ragnarok "Zero" mechanics might have already seen one of the biggest Zero features on our server, the random options on gear drops. However, this is only one of many changes that good old Gravity had in mind for their Zero servers. And we hope to bring you a bunch of other Zero features with the next big update.

Job ASPD adjustments

We all know RO can be a pretty math-heavy game, and the ASPD mechanics are probably one of the most complicated ones. In the spirit of rebalancing and spicing things up, we are currently implementing the new adjustments and modifiers that were implemented in kRO Zero for the following jobs.

  • Hunter
  • Bard/Dancer
  • Priest
  • Sage
  • Rogue
  • Monk
  • Crusader
  • Blacksmith
  • Knight

The ASPD adjustments is mainly a reduction in the ASPD penalty either on wearing specific weapons or shields

Skill rebalance

Speaking of rebalancing, we are also currently implementing and testing a major skill rebalancing that was introduced in kRO, including some Zero-exclusive changes. Most of the changes are about rebalancing casting times, delays, cooldowns and power. But some skills are also getting a serious makeover!

Here is a list of skills we are currently changing and testing internally:

  • Knight: Two Hand Quicken, Bowling Bash, Brandish Spear
  • Mage: Napalm Beat, Lightning Bolt, Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Thunderstorm, Soul Strike, Frost Driver, Fire Ball
  • Wizard: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermilion, Meteor Storm, Sightrasher, Earth Spike, Quagmire, Jupitel Thunder, Fire Pillar
  • Sage: Deluge, Whirlwind, Volcano, Endow Tornado, Endow Quake, Endow Tornado, Endow Tsunami, Land Protector, Magic Rod, Autospell
  • Priest: Suffragium, Impositio Manus, Magnus Excorcismus, Mace Mastery
  • Monk: Investigate, Finger Offensive, Blade Stop, Chain Combo, Combo Finish
  • Assassin: Sonic Blow, Venom Splasher
  • Rogue: Intimidate, Sightless Mind, Backstep
  • Blacksmith: Adrenaline Rush, Power Thrust
  • Alchemist: Acid Terror, Demonstration
  • Hunter: Land Mine, Blast Mine, Claymore Trap

Fever Fields

Lastly, something that is completely exclusive to Zero: Fever Fields! Fever fields are replacing some existing fields (and later dungeons) in the game and bring a new challenge to your boring grinding life. Fever maps are filled with upgraded monsters like Dark Sandman (spooky!) and drop exclusive gear with (of course) random options. For an even bigger challenge, each Fever map has a mechanism to spawn an exclusive MVP after a certain number of monsters have been killed on that map. Are you ready for Dark Phreeoni?!

We are currently testing the following Fever fields internally:

  • Payon Fever Field (pay_fild06)
  • Geffen Fever Field (gef_fild02)
  • Morroc Fever Field (moc_fild17)

Hopefully this sneak preview got you a little bit excited and we will try to get this new content to you as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

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