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Changelogs for Patch 1.1.4

This patch delivers new permanent cash shop updates, QoL updates as well as information about our first WoE session. Additionally, you will find a ton of bugfixes and improvements in this patch. Let's dive in.


Extra Life


Every year Extra Life (https://www.extra-life.org/) organizes a fundraising for children's hospitals and this year Ragnarok: Project Zero would like to help!

So how would Project Zero join? we created a team at Extra Life that fellow streamers can join at https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=54906. We will also hold a special stream on Game Day on the 7th of November. Players can help raise funds by: donating on our team page, donating to any streamers on our team or really donating to anyone. That being said, donating to our team directly or to the streamers on our team will mean a few perks.

Right now we have a goal of $1000 by the end of the 7th of November, with a few tier goals and prizes.

  • $250 - All players get 1 box per MA containing 5 of each available Zero special foods
  • $500 - Emily returns back for 2 weeks (the buff NPC from the launch event)
  • $1000 - Players will be able to also choose a costume out of 3 exclusive costumes for this event; more on those costumes will be announced later

For streamers

  • By joining our team and streaming for the fundraiser, you will receive one special costume: an Extra Life logo for your character!

We realize that our announcement comes kind of late, however when it comes to charity it's never too late. Please consider donating to all of the children's hospitals that are truly in need of charity during this current pandemic.


Cash Shop

The halloween items were removed and we're releasing the first batch of November items. These items are expected to remain in the Cash Shop until the second half of November maintenance, which should come some time after the 15th of November.

If you would like to add some Cash Points to your account, head on over to your Control Panel and select the "Top up!" action from the left-hand menu.

You can spend your Cash Points on the Cash Shop ingame. So go and get your costume on!

We're also working on bringing Paypal and Credit Card options as soon as possible. Until then, please refer to the alternative payment methods available. Mint Prepaid Cards are sold by many official resellers listed on the Mint website. Also, our players in Europe and SEA should have a lot of local options available, including bank transfers (like iDEAL in the Netherlands, SOFORT in Germany, Belgium, France, ...)!

The following is a preview of the current available items:

  • Straw Rice Bag
  • Woodie Hat
  • Monochrome Cap
  • Lady Feather Hat
  • Fan in mouth
  • White Cat Hood
  • Medium Wave Wig
  • Heart Wing Back


We will have two Testing WoE sessions. That said, be mindful of the following:

  • Treasure chests will be disabled
  • The number of available Castles and WoE session times do not represent the actual final ones and are due change for official WoE.

The test WoE sessions will take place on:

  • Saturday 7th of November at 15:00 (3PM) server time, for one hour for Kriemhild (Prontera) and Repherion (Geffen)
  • Sunday 8th of November on 21:00 (9PM) server time and for one hour for Swanhild (Prontera) and Eeyolbriggar (Geffen)

Now I'd like to say it again:

  • Treasure chests will be disabled
  • The number of available Castles and WoE session times do not represent the actual final ones and are due change for official WoE.

Kindly join those two sessions if possible to catch as much bugs as possible before the actual WoE sessions, which should start the weekend after the test session unless otherwise announced.

Free Reset: You read it right, all characters with reset cooldown will have a free reset along with this maintenance in prepration for WoE.

Quality of Life

  • MD chests can now be opened IF the party leader is offline
  • Added status icons for MD Gear Buffs
  • Added (NPC) Couto the Magnificent (prontera,152,191) who can bulk identify your items in Prontera (next to center Kafra)
  • Added (NPC) WoE Damage Testing (prontera,159,191) to help prepare for War of Emperium
  • Added (NPC) Magic Poring (prt_fild05,143,235) who can give a buff to level 60s to prevent EXP gain for 10 minutes during Poring Village runs
    • NOTE: Any use of this buff outside of Poring Village is not intended and to be reported immediately to the staff
  • Added more warp locations from each major city to any other major city
  • Further improved map announcements to avoid sniping/grief play
  • Added @droploot command. @droploot allows you to add items to be excluded from @autoloot.
    • @droploot +909. You will no longer pick up Jellopy when you use @autoloot.

Skill Changed

  • Changed Musical Strike and Throw Arrow SP cost from 15SP to 12SP at all levels
  • Corrected Raid skill description to indicate duration of 10 seconds instead of being number-of-hits based
  • Ring of Nibelungen now have a random cast time between 1 and 5 seconds
  • Drum on the Battlefield now raises soft def instead of hard def
  • Shield Boomerang shall now ignore size modifiers
  • Brandish spear AoE has been improved and now it gives a simple 400 + 100 * skill level% attack ratio to all targets


  • Fixed Halloween Costume NPC - go grab your costumes now! :)
  • Fixed issue where Blacksmith Essence II Level 2 did not give +10 DEX when using Adrenaline Rush
  • Fixed issue where Thieves could job change to Rogue before base level 50
  • Fixed issue where Champ monster on gef_fild08 wouldn't spawn
  • Fixed edge case where attendance screen would keep showing if you had claimed all rewards
  • Fixed item description for Lesser Guild Morning Star (adds a permanent 10% ASPD as opposed to a chance to increase)
  • Renamed item Drops Jello Fragment to Drops Jello Shard to be consistent with other Shard items
  • Disabled party actions during instance rewarp (after a DC or so)
  • Client should no longer show a global delay on skills without global delay (skills that purely depend on animation delay)


  • Until we update our client, item links have been disabled in chat channels and in global chats, in party chats, guild chats, inside pvp oriented maps, and whispers to players in PvP oriented maps also have item links disabled.
  • Disabled opening vending shop on top of other players who are also vending.

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