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Changelogs for Patch 1.2.0

This patch delivers the most anticipated new content: Louyang! Also included are a fun little Christmas event and new cash shop items.

There won't be any fixes or QoL updates delivered this patch. They are instead planned for the first patch post Louyang, sometime around early January 2021.

First off, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!! It has been such an amazing ride with Ragnarok: Project Zero so far. I'm truly blessed with the community we have built in Project Zero - friendly, respectful, and patient - I cannot wait to see what this community has in store in the many coming years! Most of the base Zero content is finally complete and there are still tons of Zero updates to come. 2021 already looks very exciting with tons of new and unique updates that Zero introduced to Ragnarok Online. With Louyang released today we should see Amatsu which comes with the first expanded class: Ninja, which was reworked for Zero coming really soon. Hopefully sooner than you may expect.

2020 is coming to a close and with 2021 approaching closer and closer we hope that the new year will also mark a new start as well as a relief from all the pain that we had to endure this past year. Please stay mindful and cautious as the pandemic is not over yet! Party responsibly and please stay safe, for yourself, your families, and friends.




Known as "The Castle of The Dragon". Louyang is a town done in the style of Ancient China. To get to Louyang, you must pay the NPC at the Alberta docks 10,000 Zeny and be of base level 70 or higher /navi alberta 245/40. Louyang boasts vast fields and tall mountains. Beyond the grand northern walls of the field lies the glorious Castle of the Dragon, capital of Louyang. Majestic in its size and architecture, this city is guaranteed to awe any visitor (best viewed from Louyang’s sightseeing tower). However, deep beneath the beautiful Castle lies a dark crypt teeming with unspeakable horrors.

Louyang is considred an end-game content as of now.


Louyang introduces tons of new quests, some of them being completely new to Ragnarok Online.

  • Royal Mausoleum Access
    • In order to access the Royal Mausoleum you will have to finish this quest, it can be started at /navi louyang 42/276
    • Finishing this quest unlocks 5 daily quests related to Louyang Dungeon
  • Shout Mountain Quest
    • In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at /navi lou_fild01 195/177
    • This quest unlocks another daily quest
  • Doctor Quest
    • In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at /naiv lou_in02 265/69
    • Finishing this quest unlocks another daily quest
  • Poison King Quest
    • In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at /navi lou_in02 123/39
  • 8 Reformers Quest
    • This quest is a remake of the Revolution Quest it can be started at /navi lou_fild01 152/146
  • Soup Quest
    • In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at /navi lou_in02 53/174
  • New headgear quest

Regional Weapons

Louyang introduces a new set of weapons: Earth Dragon Weapons. To obtain these items you will have to collect Earth Dragon Coins which drops from most of Louyang monsters. Exchanging 20 Earth Dragon Coins will result in a random Earth Dragon Weapon.

Regional Weapons also introduce a new feature where you can roll & reroll the options on your item for a fee of 150,000 Zeny. Rerolling an item doesn't affect its refine level nor socketed cards.

Monsters that drop the new Earth Dragon Coin:

Regional Weapons:

The Earth Dragon Coins can be exchanged at the NPC located at /navi louyang 199/113. The NPC to roll and reroll options on the weapons is located at /navi louyang 207/112.

The two possible option sets are Physical and Magic options you can chose any to enchant to your desired weapon.

New equipment

Louyang also introduce few other equipments and changes to other monsters drops.

Cash Shop

As promised before, with PayPal being available as a payment option, we are re-releasing all old costumes! Those costumes can be found at the second tab in the cash shop and will be available until the first hot patch in January (around 3rd to 4th of January).

Also during this holiday season we're offering 10% more Cash shop points on all transactions done until the 31st of December 23:59 Server time.

We've also introduced the following new costumes in the cash shop, available until the first hot patch of January.

  • Chilly Breath
  • Angeling Knitted Cap
  • Snow Bear Hood
  • Frozen Glasses
  • Black Cat Ears Cap

Event (Christmas in Raccoon City)

Celebrate the holidays with a band of Raccoons who have made their way to Rune-Midgart!

This holiday season, a small group of homeless creatures have taken up residence in the kingdom of Rune-Midgart. The Raccoon Cheer Squad have arrived and their goal is to establish a country of their own. But they need some help from you to get started!

Players over level 30 can speak to the leader Quercus to begin the quest. All members of the Raccoon Cheer Squad will need some kind of assistance to get to their ultimate goal: To take Prontera Church as the new headquarters of their fledgling empire.

You can learn more about this event by talking to Quercus at Prontera Fountain.

The event will be available through the end of January.


Due to holidays season and after discussing with guild leaders WoE sessions for the 26th and 27th of December 2020, and 2nd and 3rd Of January 2021 will be cancelled.

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