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Changelog for Patch 1.8.3

Hello everyone!

As previously announced, this will be our last major content update for some time. The server is entering a sort of "maintenance mode" until further notice.

The server is not in danger of shutting down; it will still be maintained and we are still around if problems arise. We appreciate everyone who's stuck around, as well as the new players who keep popping in!

This is not the end, we just have to hit the pause button for now.

The Project Zero team


All monsters have a chance to drop a new Project Zero Celebration Egg! It can contain the following items:

  • Common
    • 5x Strawberry
    • 5x Fresh Fish
    • 1x Awakening Potion
    • 1x Berserk Potion
  • Uncommon
    • 1x World Tour Ticket
    • 1x [Event] Rapid Potion
    • 1x [Event] Challenge Drink
    • 1x [Event] Unlimited Drink
    • 1x [Event] Power Drink
    • 1x [Event] Mimir Spring Water
    • 1x Costume: Hankie In Mouth
    • 1x Costume: Nobility Hat
    • 1x Costume: Green Ribbon
  • Rare
    • 1x Costume: Volume Low Twin (Sakura)
    • 1x Costume: American Shorthair Cat
  • Epic
    • 1x Costume: Picnic Basket
    • 1x Costume: Miracle Plant
    • 1x Enriched Elunium
    • 1x Enriched Oridecon
    • 1x Blacksmith's Blessing Shard
  • Heroic
    • 1x Costume: Big Foxtail
    • Blacksmith's Blessing

Content updates

Gonryun / Kunlun

Welcome to Kunlun! A floating island in the sky, this beautiful place is inspired by Taiwan.

There is plenty of adventure that awaits you here. New headgears, monsters, quests, weapons, and more!

Have a look at the wiki for more information: https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Kunlun

With this update you will also gain access to two more CuPets: Ninetail and Evil Nymph.

Gympass: Malangdo

Find your weight-lifting friend in Malangdo for another strength lesson: /navi malangdo 135/118.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some costumes that were not showing up in the Costume tab in storage
  • Fixed overlapping NPCs in Hugel

Other changes

  • Increased the number of Giant Fly Wings purchased from the Daily Coin store from 1 to 10
  • Lowered the price of Random Refine Boxes from 4m to 3.5m Zeny
  • You can now purchase Battleground Costume boxes from the Event Coint shop

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