Ragnarok: Project Zero

Explore the authentic Ragnarok Online world with a modern twist

This maintenance was mainly about hardware maintenance. We were focused on a few software updates and changes to cope with the current growth. Not much new content/fixes were applied. These are reserved for the coming maintenance.

Player requests that were labeled for next maintenance in GitLab will be executed in the coming 48 hours.


  • Achievement system including titles is now disabled. The progress is not gone, however the system was adding unnecessary stress on the server and we're looking for better ways to implement it.
  • Attendance system is enabled. We have an attendance event ending on the 30th of September. Keep in mind that attendance is master account wide and all items are master account bound. For boxes that give items that are rentals, like the Boarding Halter, the item turns character bound after opening the box.
  • Updated MVP Cards and a few other cards to their Zero behavior.
    • Phreeoni Card: Changed equip location to accessory
    • Golden Thief Bug: Changed it to 250 MDEF and 90% reduction in DEF
    • Moonlight Flower: Changed equip location to accessory
    • Doppelganger Card: Changed equip location to accessory and increased ASPD bonus to 15%
    • Osiris Card: Added 20% bonus on received heal
    • Maya card: Changed to 20% Resistance against Ghost and Wind element, 15% increased damage from Fire and Shadow, and 30% tolerance against Demi-human, Player and Brute
    • Dracula changed to have a chance to restore 20 SP every second for 7 seconds
    • Hunterfly changed to have a chance to restore 100 HP every second for 5 seconds
    • Bloody Knight Card: Added 20% chance to stun enemies, and now it also has a chance to Blind, Confuse or Silence enemies hit with Meteor Storm
    • Stormy Knight Card: Changed chance to freeze enemies to 20%, now it also has a chance to Stone Curse, Poison, Blind and Confuse enemies hit with Storm Gust


  • Fixed Adoption menu. It should now show adoption option to parents.
  • Fixed Old Blue Box and Old Purple Box dropping items that should not be dropped in the current episode. Items that dropped from it will be removed next maintenance.

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