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Greetings Adventurers,

We think it's finally the time to start preparing for WoE for a variety of reasons: it will help our ingame market to grow, PvM content will be expanded with the addition of Guild Dungeons, and it'll give end-game players some content to compete for. For these reasons, we think it's wise to move up this update and make it next on our Roadmap.

Guild Dungeons

Prior to WoE, we will be releasing updated Guild Dungeons. Guild Dungeons can be entered by all players for a Zeny fee, while those who hold a Castle can enter for free. Releasing them a little before WoE will give people new PvM content as well as the chance to farm a bit for new PvP gears.

Guilds Wanting To Participate

Prior to WoE starting we will need to decide a number of things and make certain preparations. For all guilds that are planning to participate in WoE (even if unsure!), please have your guild leader send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

Subject: WoE Participating Guild


Guild name:
Approximate number of participating players:
Status: (Either ready, preparing or willing to join WoE)
Interests: (PvM, Casual, WoE) Choose as many as you want
Timezones: Pick the timezones that fit your guild the most, either Europe, North America or SEA
Discord handle:

PS: You have until October 31st to send in the above information, any emails sent after October 31st will not qualify.

WoE Test

We are planning to hold a test WoE session some upcoming weekend (exact date to be announced). This first WoE session will be purely for testing, so there will be no rewards. This is mainly to catch as many bugs as possible in order to have as bug-free of a first WoE as possible.

Time Polls

About a week before WoE is released, we will put out time polls based on the emails we receive from guild leaders (see above, "Guilds Wanting To Participate"). Guild leaders will only be able to take these polls. They will be responsible for casting the votes that best fits their guild. We will announce the results mid-week before WoE.

PS: We will only give voting rights to those guilds who sent an email, as described above.

We hope that WoE will be a clean and competitive arena for players. New community guidelines will be released as well to ensure that WoE will not introduce any toxic behavior.

Good luck and have fun everyone! We hope to see you ingame!