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Changelog for Patch 1.10.6


Global Warming has critical effects on Rune Midgard as well, which is why the first part of our Spring and Easter celebrations are already here today!

Starting today, all monsters have a chance to drop a new Project Zero Event Egg! I hope you like rabbits! It can contain the following items:

  • Common
    • 5x Strawberry
    • 5x Fresh Fish
    • 1x Awakening Potion
    • 1x Berserk Potion
  • Uncommon
    • 1x World Tour Ticket
    • 1x [Event] High Quality Meal
    • 1x [Event] Challenge Drink
    • 1x [Event] Unlimited Drink
    • 1x [Event] Power Drink
    • 1x [Event] Mimir Spring Water
    • 1x Costume: Macaron Bunny Hat
    • 1x Costume: Fawn Ears
    • 1x Costume: Happy Droopy Lunatic Ears (Black)
  • Rare
    • 1x Costume: Snow Rabbit Hair
    • 1x Costume: Sleep Sheep
  • Epic
    • 1x Costume: Jumbo Rabbit
    • 1x Costume: Three Rabbits Ribbon
    • 1x Enriched Elunium
    • 1x Enriched Oridecon
    • 1x Blacksmith's Blessing Shard
  • Heroic
    • 1x Costume: Giant White Rabbit
    • Blacksmith's Blessing

Content updates

Localization weapon revamp

The weapons for the Localization areas Louyang, Amatsu, and Gonryun/Kunlun have been revamped to make them more attractive, especially for new players.

First of all, the element of randomness when creating these weapons has been removed. You can now go to the respective NPCs and choose the weapon you would like for 20ea of the region tokens.

The cost of getting Random Options is now more consistent across the regions. You can buy a scroll for either 150,000 Zeny (which is mainly a change for Kunlun), or 1ea of the region token (which is new for all regions).

Finally, and possibly the best part, you can now purchase a refine box for these Localization weapons which will safely refine them to +7. This refine box costs 50ea of the region tokens.

Gympass: Hugel

Find your weight-lifting friend in Hugel for another strength lesson and earn another Gympass to increase your weight limit: /navi hugel 192/101.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed proc rate of Hunter Fly Card by doubling it, and added missing visual effect
  • Fixed Grimtooth SP costs being displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed some untranslated text in Louyang
  • Fixed Malangdo maps not showing up correctly in the World Map
  • Fixed some costumes not showing up in the correct storage tab

Other changes

  • Adds hints about Gympass quest for items required in the Malangdo and Hugel Gympass quests
  • Added a new #events channel ingame and in Discord. World Boss announcements will be published to this channel.
  • Enchant costs for Temporal armors has been reduced and now also involves Temporal Crystals. Keep an eye out for changes on the Wiki page: https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Old_Glast_Heim

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