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Changelogs for Patch 1.4.3

Content Update: Juno (Phase 2)

It is time to conclude our Juno content update with the second Phase today! Thank you for being patient with us. The amount of content connected to Juno was so big that we wanted to split it in two phases. That way, you could enjoy the content earlier.

With the Phase 2 release of Juno, we will open up Juperos Dungeon, as well as Magma Dungeon 3F - the new Fever dungeon floor. Get ready for some exciting new weapon and armor options to explore! Additionally, rumors are spreading about a Blacksmith that can craft Doomed Swords.


This patch introduces a bunch of new regional quests for Juno and Aldebaran, including daily quests for the Magma Dungeon. Check out our wiki page for more details.

We have also added a few more headgear quests:

Magma Dungeon 3F

The third level of the Magma Dungeon is now accessible for those that dare. In there, you will find must stronger counterparts of the regular Magma Dungeon monsters. However, hunting there will reward you generously. Apart from the regular rewards from Fever maps, you can also find the new Lava Leather gear. Check out our Wiki page for more details: https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Juno#Magma_Dungeon_Level_3:_Fever_Area

Juperos Dungeon

Venture into the Juperos Dungeon if you dare. The monsters might be familiar to you, but you will find a few new items dropping in this Dungeon. Check out our Wiki page for more details: https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Juno#Juperos_Ruins.

Doomed Swords crafting and bosses

They used to be the stuff of myth and legend. But now the Doomed Swords have returned to this world and they are more vicious than ever.

If you feel up for the challenge, you can try to summon the sword bosses:

  • Kill 500 Carat in gl_cas01 to spawn Ogretooth
  • Kill 500 Wanderer in gl_cas02 to spawn Executioner
  • Kill 500 Marionette in gl_in01 to spawn Mysteltainn

These bosses drop ingredients that might be interesting for a Blacksmith that is able to craft the infamous Doomed Swords, Mysteltainn, Grimtooth, Executioner. Additionally, they drop new Zero-exclusive versions of Edge, Nagan, and Excalibur.

To learn more about how to craft the Doomed Swords, listen to the rumors that Harryburn in Prontera picked up (/navi prontera 209/107).

Other Content

Traveling Weightlifter

Steve the Traveling Weighlifter has appeared in Prontera (/navi prt_in 169/16). He has big dreams to become the greatest weightlifter in the world! That's why he is travelling the lands to learn different techniques that make people stronger. And if you help him understand the area better, he might share some of those techniques with you to make you stronger as well.

As you get stronger, you will be able to carry more items. For now, Steve is only interested in the techniques around Prontera, the Rune Midgard capital, but it's only a matter of time until he is going to explore other lands...


  • Added Heart Contract, an upgraded version of Life Insurance.
    • Prevents EXP loss upon death while it's in your inventory
    • Talk to the Heart Trader for more information (/navi prontera 82/108)
  • The following items can now be registered in a Buying Store:
    • Blacksmith's Blessing
    • Blacksmith's Blessing Shard
    • Baldur's Blessing
    • Vesper's Memory
    • Lava Essence
    • Earth Dragon Stone
    • Spirit Stone


The long awaited Battlegrounds are here! We're releasing KVM mode to start, with the other two modes following in another hot patch this week. During this month all Battlegrounds sessions will be logged so we can analyze them in order to enable later on a Battlegrounds matches log where you can see all kinds of interesting stats. The Battlegrounds also include an ELO system. An official CP page with rankings will be released later this week. Each time you finish a BG match a message will show telling you how much you gained / lost in ELO points and your current total!

BG matches will not allow the usage of any consumables except those provided by BG. At the start of each match you will receive a specific amount of potions and buff items that are only usable within the BG match maps. The items will not stack between sessions, so all players will always have the same amount of items in each match.

Later today we will open a discussion topic and a suggestion topic on the forums for the Season 0 testers to discuss BG costume prizes, so make sure you both participate in BG and suggest costumes you really want to receive as prizes!

To join BG you may talk to the NPC at /navi prontera 122/83.

Cash Shop

Let's welcome monsters costumes pack 1! this costumes pack is themed around various monsters from Rune-Midgard and will be available for a limited time!

  • Available throughout May

    • Costume: Flying Archangel Wing (Animated garment costume)
    • Costume: Archangel Wing
  • Available until post Mid May (until next maintenance)

    • Costume: Kings Twin Sword (Garment)
    • Costume: Poring Basket (Garment)
    • Costume: Tomboy Fairy
    • Costume: Deviruchi Apron
    • Costume: Smokie Muffler
    • Costume: Chung E Soul
    • Costume: Dragon Claw Helm
    • Costume: Ziland Necklace
    • Costume: Boitata Helm
    • Costume: Shadow Devil

Animation Preview and Spotlight

  • Flying Archangel Wing
    • Flying Archangel Wing
  • Archangel Wing
    • Archangel Wing
  • Kings Twin Sword
    • Kings Twin Sword
  • Poring Basket
    • Poring Basket
  • Tomboy Fairy
    • Tomboy Fairy
  • Deviruchi Apron
    • Deviruchi Apron


  • Fixed SP reduction effects of Acolyte Essence I and II
  • Fix item effect of Moon Rabbit Hat


  • Auto loot will now only loot items when monsters are killed by player only

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